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Progress means continuous advancement and improvement of oneself. There will be roadblocks on the way. But true progress means, advancing against all odds.

Progress: A State Of Mind

According to the Oxford Dictionary, progress means to “improve or develop over a period of time” and “the process of improving or developing, or of getting nearer to achieving or completing something.” So, rest assured that progress is a good thing! Progress is a positive sign in your professional or personal life. Although there are many tools and apps to monitor progress, it is also important to feel it within us, in our hearts and minds. 

One could make progress at work and get a hike. But is that all progress should be?

Progress is important in school and work but in relationships and in friendships as well. So, if you have faced a setback in your business, been through a breakup, or received disappointing grades – don’t let them be a hurdle in your path to progress. In fact, these setbacks must act as a motivation for you to push yourself harder and make progress. The will to make progress and actually making progress will help you to emerge stronger from your setbacks or bad experiences. 

Progress means development or advancement to be in a better place. It is paramount to succeeding in life. In this blog, we won’t talk about how to track progress with the help of graphs or numbers. Instead, we talk about viewing progress as a state of mind. If you want to know if you’re truly making progress in LIFE, we list out the top seven indicators to help you track real progress:

Progress means development or advancement to be in a better place. It is paramount to succeeding in life. Click To Tweet

1. You Feel Happier As A Person

In a world where progress is mostly assessed on the basis of how much money one makes, how many cars one owns, and how big a house one lives in, taking pleasure in the smaller things and giving yourself a pat on the back will do wonders for your life. Making progress does not mean achieving great feats. Even making progress in the simple things in life like learning how to cook for example can make us happy and bring satisfaction. If you seek happiness even in the smallest victories, trust us, that’s a lot of progress! 

2. You Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparison is the thief of joy – a saying that’s absolutely correct. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others and beat ourselves about it, spiral into a cycle of envy, and end up being bitter. Remember, no two people are the same. Every individual has different life experience and history, opportunities, personality – the list can go on. When we focus on what we have achieved and celebrate our uniqueness, that is progress!

3. You Achieve Smaller, Time-Bound Milestones

In life, having goals is absolutely necessary to find our purpose. If you have set a goal, it is important to make progress and track it as well. When we find ourselves making slow to steady progress toward our bigger goal, we are making progress. Even if it is not perfect, it still means you are motivated to go on and that’s what counts.

4. You Don’t Harbor Negative Feelings

All of us feel wronged at some point in our lives. That’s just the way it is and sometimes it can be a hard pill to swallow. But despite this, if you find yourself forgiving and letting go of negative emotions, you are making tremendous progress. Holding on to the past harboring guilt, anger, etc. will stop you from realizing your true potential in life. So let go of the bad and embrace the good!

5. You Develop A Positive Approach To Life

If you find yourself looking on the brighter side of things, finding joy even in the darkest times, and holding your head high even when things are not working out, that is incredible progress. One has to accept that life is a mix of good and bad. But, the key is to squeeze out the good from the bad. Looking at a lost opportunity as a new opportunity, for example, is a mark of progress.

6. You Are Excited About the Future

If you wake up every day with a sense of purpose, the will to explore new avenues, opportunities, to pursue new hobbies, meet new people, etc. these are all signs of progress. It means that you are on the road to self-improvement and enrichment which results in real progress.

7. You Receive Appreciation

Whether you’re at work or at home, a compliment, a thank you and a pat on the back from your superiors, parents, friends, etc. is a sure shot way of knowing if you’ve made progress. They may not be awards and accolades but even an acknowledgement goes a long way to know if you’re making progress as a wife, mother, co-worker, daughter, son, father, etc. Essentially, if you are making people around you happy, you’re definitely making progress professionally and personally.

So sit down by yourself or with your spouse, family, partner, close friends, etc. note down these progress indicators and get their feedback on the same to assess your progress.

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Progress means continuous advancement and improvement of oneself. Of course, there will be roadblocks on the way. But true progress means, advancing against all odds. A person who makes true progress will use roadblocks to propel them to push harder and progress at all costs. What is life without progress anyway? So keep going and do evaluate your progress from time to time. Remember, winning in your mind is real progress!

  1. This was a really wholesome post and some really valuable points were made here. I related to it when you said about having a positive approach to life because this is something I used to struggle with a lot but am slowly getting better at.

  2. Nice post, I really like how you included related reads if we wanted to pursue progress even more. I definitely want to check out Work in Progress!

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