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There are many different types of people around the world. It is important to know the traits of fake people to improve your life quality.
7 Traits Of Fake People And Why You Don’t Need Them

In life, we will meet hundreds to thousands of people. Not all will be good, not all will be bad, some will be a little bit of both; mainly our experiences with people will shape our perceptions about them. Throughout our life, we make friends and enemies, friends who become enemies, and even enemies who become friends! We human beings are a complicated lot and our social interactions and communications are a reflection of this. 

Thankfully, we are empowered to make a choice as to who will stay in and who will go from our lives. Still, many of us do not exercise this power and keep certain people in our lives although they don’t add any value and are in fact toxic. Fake people, for example, are those that simply exist in our life by way of some association — they could be family members, friends, co-workers, high school mates, acquaintances, etc. They don’t add value to our lives and thus it is important to identify them and weed them out from our lives. Think of it as a detox process!

There are many different types of people around the world. It is important to know the traits of fake people to improve your life quality. Click To Tweet

Traits of Fake People

1. They Are Nice To Your Face

This is literally true for a lot of fake people. When they meet you at a social occasion, for example, they will act as if they have known you forever and will be super nice to you simply to show everyone else how nice and friendly they are. The moment you turn your back, they will show their true colors by not giving a fig!

2. Fake People Will Manipulate

Fakers don’t mind manipulating others to get their way and they do this very subtly without being exposed. If manipulation gets them what they want, they will do anything and everything.

3. Fakers Suck Up To People With Influence

Fake people plan their every move and are not genuine. No matter how good you are to them, if you cannot offer them anything useful, they will ignore you. Instead, they will make sure they are part of the inner circle of powerful people and people with influence. This is because they stand to gain something from them. 

4. They Lie Frequently

Have you ever come across people whose lives seem to be uncannily perfect? This means you have spotted a faker! Fake people will go to any lengths to show and prove that they and their lives are perfect. Social media has become a platform for so many people to fake about how happy they are, how perfect their relationships are, how much money they have, how rock solid their marriage is – even if this is not the case. If that were true, one shouldn’t feel the need to shout it out to the world. Fake people do this to garner attention and validation to make themselves feel good. 

5. They Never Make An Effort

Fakers, as mentioned earlier, will only associate and suck up to people who can make them look and feel powerful regardless of how they treat them. You may find that some fake people you know never call you or text you or make an effort to be there for you. For example, they don’t care about wishing you on your birthday or lending a helping hand even if you have done that for them.

6. Fake People Gloat About Nothing

Fakers love attention not for the people they are but for the things they own or do. After all, fake people don’t have inherent good qualities that people get attracted to. Thus they take the help of material things and exaggerate and gloat for people to sit up and take notice. It could be a new car, or a luxury watch or a recent trip that they just won’t stop talking about. 

7. Fake People Engage In Backbiting

Fakers are nice to your face but the minute you turn your back, they have a lot to say about you and others. They may also influence others’ opinions of you if it makes them look good or benefit.

Why Weed Out Fake People From Your Life

We don’t need people who are not genuine. Even if this means you lose out on a few friends or even family members, that’s fine. They don’t deserve to be in your life in the first place. Why should you waste time on people who do not deserve it? When we choose to let fake people stay in our lives, we underrate ourselves. It also rids us of true love, friendship, and most importantly respect. So if you value yourself, start weeding out the fakers from your life. Instead, pursue relationships with people who are interested in you, your well-being, and value you. You will be a happier person surrounded by people who make you happy and vice versa.

Out With The Fakers

If this makes sense to you then it is time to analyze the people you are surrounded with. If any of the above traits are familiar to you, do the right thing and maintain distance from fake people. 

  • Stop trusting them: Don’t trust them with any personal information or tell them about anything significant happening in your life.
  • Stop expecting from them: Forget about expecting anything from fake people. This could mean wishing you on your birthday, making an effort to meet you, helping you out, etc. When we don’t have expectations, we don’t get hurt.
  • Don’t let them get to you: Often we let other’s toxicity get to us. When we see fake people taking advantage or manipulating us, it upsets us and we don’t speak up for the fear of losing them and/or avoiding drama and tension. Fair enough. However, by making a habit of this, you are simply giving fake people more leeway to hurt you and others like you. So, confront them and speak up!
  • Maintain a distance: Cut down on contact with them; you’ll be better off! The more we let fake people into our lives, the more room we give them to hurt us and take us for granted. Make self-respect your priority.


Pursue genuineness and associate with people who embody this quality which is rare to find. You may have a hard time finding and sticking with people who are genuine but trust us it will all be worth it in the end. This is because people who are real and genuine will stay by your side and care about you; they will lift you up when the chips are down and give you moral support than just frivolity. Remember, if someone doesn’t respect you, they don’t deserve you. Plain and simple!

  1. I’m at that age where I don’t have time for fake people. I think one should be civil with them, but don’t let them into your life. You’re absolutely right: don’t trust them and keep them at arm’s length.

    Sending good vibes all the way from South Africa. Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

  2. I second all points! Plus, fake people doesn’t bother to respect people that you love. I have a friend (well, she always admit that she is my friend) who I think is fake. I tried so many times to cut her out of my life. But she just refused to leave. Gosh! What should I do?

  3. Loved reading this! Sadly, we’ve all had to deal with fake people in our lives. I’ve had to deal with a lot of fake family members. And as much as it hurts to distance myself from them, I know it’s for the best! Thanks for sharing!

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