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It is highly recommended to keep kids busy in activities that will help them grow and build their cognitive and other skills.

Keeping kids busy when they’re home is a challenge for any parent, especially keeping them busy the right way. Many parents complain and stress about their child’s screen time which includes time spent watching television, playing games on mobile phones, and/or other electronic gadgets like phones and tablets. With the current situation, millions of children all over the world are restricted to their homes with schools, activity centers, parks, and daycare centers shut. This is a whole new situation for parents and children alike. 

Many of us are struggling to keep our kids engaged creatively and meaningfully because suddenly they are home all the time and we don’t want them to spend all their time watching t.v. The balance of extra curricular activities, school, playtime with friends or in the park, etc. has suddenly gone missing which is not ideal for children. While the situation still remains dicey, it looks like children are going to be home for a long time. 

Do keep in mind that children regardless of age are also going through several transitions in this period. Therefore,  it is very important for parents and other family members to be sensitive to children and their psychological and emotional needs. Whether you are working from home full-time, going to work every day, or attending office every alternate day, we provide some tips that are extremely beneficial for you and your children. Even when things are back to normal, these will help you bond with your kids and while they learn and have fun at the same time. Let’s find out!

With children and parents forced to stay home due to disruptions at work, school, and other public life, it is very important to devise ways to keep children away from the screen. Instead, it is highly recommended to keep them busy in… Click To Tweet

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A Love For Reading

There is no right time to start cultivating a love for reading in children. Now, more than ever, children must be accustomed to reading books not only to do well in school but also to enrich their minds and help them grow. Reading helps them become smarter, grow their vocabulary, spark curiosity and imagination, develop social and communication skills, and more, – all valuable life skills. Check out Amazon.com for an exhaustive list of books for children of all ages.

Art and Craft

There is no dearth of art and craft activities that you could come up with or consult resources like books and the internet. You will find millions of ideas on how to keep children busy and enhance their creative abilities and imagination. Apart from the usual drawing and painting on paper, try something new like painting on pebbles. We are sure the kids will love this activity and you will too! Grab a copy of The Little Book of Rock Painting: More than 50 tips and techniques for learning to paint colorful designs and patterns on rocks and stones to learn more about this wonderful art form. 

There is no limit to creativity and DIY (do-it-yourself) stuff can be a fun activity and teach kids to make stuff and use it too. Creating something by themselves and then using it can give children a sense of achievement and responsibility. Get them supplies like Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library Kit or EpiqueOne 1500 Set of Bulk Craft Accessories for Kids which have several accessories and items that children can experiment with. 


Who doesn’t love games? Games are something children and adults both can enjoy very much. Games are a great way to spend time with your children, laugh together and have lots of fun. Doing activities together will bring you and your children closer especially if you’re a working parent(s) and cannot devote a lot of time to your kids. Also, of late if you have been working from home, board games can be a refreshing break for everyone!  Games can also be a great way to increase mathematical ability in children teaching them how to count, add, and minus. 

Try classics like Ludo or Snakes and Ladders. Yellow Mountain Imports 2-in-1 Reversible Wooden Snakes and Ladders, Ludo Game Set is a great addition to your board game collection. Set up a bowling alley at home with Kids Bowling Set with 2 Balls Plastic Colorful Ball Indoor Sports Games or pass the time with Jenga Classic Game.

Indoor Exercise

Children’s physical development must be a top priority for parents and guardians especially at a time like this. It is understandable that in the current situation, parks, after school sports like soccer, baseball, cricket, etc. have either ceased completely or reduced drastically. Children are therefore spending more time at home than ever. This can also mean unhealthy eating and lack of exercise.

Invest in skipping ropes, try Cotton Jump Rope for Kids – Wooden Handle – Adjustable Cotton Braided Fitness Skipping Rope, and make sure your kids get their daily dose of exercise, you can join them too! For our young sports enthusiasts, the Franklin Sports Indoor Soccer Goal Set will be fun. Get the young ones active with ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder.


Too much screen time is detrimental to childrens’ health causing sleeping problems, speech development delays, and other behavioral problems early on. This further affects their performance in school and has health risks in the long run. It also leaves very little room for creativity and independent thinking. 

When children are engaged in creative and enjoyable experiences, their overall growth is enhanced. They become physically stronger as they develop fine and gross motor skills as they use their hands to mold clay for example, or building blocks, sew, knit, etc.

Engaging in useful and creative activities will enhance childrens’ cognitive skills, improve focus, learning ability, etc. as well. It also makes children and young people emotionally stronger and shields them from negative feelings and bad influences. Anxiety and depression for example are common in teens. However, getting your children used to channeling their energies in the right manner will make a world of difference and help them be more productive and secure as adults.


With children and parents forced to stay home due to disruptions at work, school, and other public life, it is very important to devise ways to keep children away from the screen. Instead, it is highly recommended to keep them busy in activities that will help them grow and build their cognitive and other skills.

Keeping children away from the screen is not only healthy for your children but also for the entire family. Children need their parents and/or guardians now more than ever in terms of emotional support. So, indulge in fun games and activities at home for the whole family and create wonderful memories!

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